The Synesthesia Battery


The Synesthesia Battery was developed by David Eagleman, PhD. with the support of Anand Karthik Sarma (Research Assistant) and Deepak Sagaram (Information Systems Developer). Drs. Edward Hubbard and Vilayanur Ramachandran generously shared an early version of the questionnaire, and research technicians Arielle Kagan and Steffie Nelson have worked on the project from its infancy. Additionally, Brian Rosenthal has been invaluable in porting this to the web. Thank you to the translators:

For further information on the Synesthesia Battery and the details of how it is scored, please refer to David M. Eagleman, Arielle D. Kagan, Stephanie S. Nelson, Deepak Sagaram, Anand K. Sarma. A standardized test battery for the study of Synesthesia. Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 2007 Jan 15;159(1):139-145. [Click here for pdf] and or email us at