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SITE NO LONGER FUNCTIONING - There is no technical support For 13 years the Synesthesia Battery has supported the synaesthesia community by providing online testing open to all. It has supported a vast number of science paper and allowed individual synaesthetes to better understand their own experiences. The system was built around Flash, and sadly, Flash is being phased out. Many browers have now disabled it meaning that the site has stopped working for many users and will soon stop fully for all. Put simply, the site does not work as it did and has no technical support. We cannot resolve this problem and cannot take email questions from users – because we have no way to turn back the clock on Flash. We advise you not to use the site. Or if you do, users are therefore responsible for using it in its current state; we advise you check before you administer to participants because it is likely not to work or not to provide data. We have initiated a rewriting of the script from scratch and hope to have that available at a date as-yet-unknown.


聯覺(Synesthesia, 又譯"共感覺," "通感") 意指感官經驗共生的現象: 一感官刺激(例: 聽覺) 會不自主的觸發另一感官知覺(例: 視覺)。不僅如此, 這種感知共生的現象亦可發生於同一感官但不同類型感知間的相互觸發(例:英文字母會引發不尋常的顏色感覺)。  


本測驗題庫提供成套的標準化測驗與計量。這套測驗開放給任何聯覺研究者以及有聯覺的人, 以輔助學術研究發展。您提供的任何資料將會被妥善保密, 僅供您個人以及研究者使用(若您有提供您正確的電子郵件信箱給研究者)。



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不確定你是聯覺者? 請點擊這裡並回答一些預試問題看你是否有聯覺! 如果你認為你有聯覺, 請在此註冊以開始填寫我們的問卷。問卷完成後, 本測驗系統會自動導入適合你的聯覺測驗。

如果你之前有做過我們的測驗, 或者希望繼續之前未完成的測驗, 請先登入以繼續你上次的測驗並觀看結果。 


如果你是聯覺研究者, 你可以介紹你的受試者到本網站, 並請他們在註冊的時候加入你的電子郵件信箱。使用這套標準化的測驗與計量系統能促進不同實驗室間的合作與資料分析比較。如果你曾經收到有聯覺者自Synesthete.org邀請你觀看他/她的測驗結果, 請輸入之前我們寄給你的使用者名及密碼, 並由此登入。  

Additionally, if you are a researcher using MATLAB, I am making available the Texsyn Toolbox, a collection of MATLAB programs developed in Dr. David Eagleman's laboratory for testing various aspects of synesthetic experience. Please click here for information and downloading.

 再者, 如果你是使用MATLAB的研究者, 我也提供Texsyn Toolbox, 這是一系列MATLAB程式, 由Dr. David Eagleman的實驗室所開發的一套軟體, 提供不同類型的聯覺測驗。詳情請點上方的鏈結。

The Books

To learn more about synesthesia, check out our book - Wednesday Is Indigo Blue: Discovering the Brain of Synesthesia

Or, Synesthesia: A Very Short Introduction